The Montgomery Institute’s West Alabama-East Mississippi Regional Mission


The mission of The Montgomery Institute is to “upbuild the people and places of the East Mississippi and West Alabama region guided by the leadership legacy of G. V. ‘Sonny’ Montgomery.”  That means we do things “Sonny’s way” as described in the adjacent video.


To accomplish its mission, TMI since its inception in 2001 has undertaken initiatives in leadership development, rural place building, educational enhancement, workforce development, research and information dissemination, regional cooperation, and innovation.


The hallmarks of TMI’s approach to do things “Sonny’s way” are its reliance on partnerships, citizen involvement, and network building. Working with partners to engage citizens, identify place building champions, and create regional networks of place builders, TMI seeks out resources and opportunities for innovation that will help partners do more, better, for the benefit of the people and places in West Alabama and East Mississippi.


Twice, in 2003 and 2010, the 13-state Southern Growth Policies Board has presented TMI its “Innovator Award” in recognition of its innovative approaches to region and place building.


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Program of work