MERIDIAN, MS — “This region is building one of the most innovative, accessible, advanced manufacturing training systems in the United States” Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said announcing the Amatrol Anytime Anywhere e-Learning System developed for the West Alabama – East Mississippi Regional Initiative.


The Montgomery Institute at that time contracted access to the system to Bevill State Community College, Shelton State Community College, and Wallace Community College – Selma in Alabama, and East Central Community College, East Mississippi Community College, Jones County Junior College, and Meridian Community College in Mississippi. In 2015 the institute continued to contract access to Jones County Junior College, East Central Community College, East Mississippi Community College, and Meridian Community College.


The e-learning system gives workers access to training and assessments at home, at work, at libraries, and at any location with broadband Internet access.  Consisting of more than 450 advanced manufacturing training modules, the system was developed by participating community and junior colleges using the online e-learning system developed by Indiana-based Amatrol, Inc.


This Internet based system supports:

  • technical training at colleges and allied high schools;
  • on-site training for business and industry; and
  • individual skills training at home, at work, or at any location there is broadband Internet access.


Amatrol’s training modules align with MSSC/NCIST standards, are industry endorsed and validated, and enable standardized technical qualification across West Alabama and East Mississippi.  Amatrol’s Learning Management System provides the capacity to assess technical knowledge and track technical instruction and practice.  The assessment system can be accessed online, but the related credentials require authentic, in-person assessment.


“Governor Bob Riley (AL) and I jointly sought the WIRED grant to help make this area of West Alabama and East Mississippi a globally competitive region, “said Governor Barbour. “This training system is going to give us a big leg up.”


College presidents were excited about the potential of the new system.  East Central Community College President Phil Sutphin said, “For our region to be competitive in the world economy, we must provide the means to develop the highly skilled workforce that will be required to retain and attract jobs to our region.”


“Over the years, we have received training and support from East Central Community College and ECCC has done a very good job in anything we have needed,” explained Rodis Shealy, Manufacturing Engineering Group Leader for Taylor Machine Works. “We have not utilized more of these services because it is difficult to get our people to classes after work.
“Since your group came up and presented the Amatrol program, we have had increased interest in more training. This is because we can work at our own pace through the modules that are of interest to us.”