Nexus Hero Workshop Entertains and Challenges Participants

People of all ages found “Nexus Hero” a useful Internet Business Workshop.

Jason Porter’s daughter Ayla “loved it” and found it “so interesting.” Somewhat older Maureen Lofton called it “truly inspiring if a little daunting for a techno-toddler like myself.”

Attendees were responding to the opportunity to hear from and interact with highly successful Internet entrepreneurs like Twicpic creator Noah Everett, Peru Paper designer Grace Bateman, founder James Brown, and entrepreneur Allison Slayton.

They also learned how communities can ramp up Internet business activity from Pelahatchie Mayor Knox Ross, who made his town a wifi hot spot, and WTOK-TV General Manager Tim Walker, whose “web channel” augments his TV channel.

“Usage of the Internet is critical if businesses want to thrive in the current economy,” said Everett, who built his multi-million dollar Twitter photo business from scratch as a teenager.  "You can reach so many more people via the Internet with less resources and less cost," he said.

“What took me 18 years to do, you can now do instantly using the Internet,” said Allison Slayton who built a highly successful sewing product sales business on the Internet after developing a successful brick and mortar location.

Meridian Main Street hosted Nexus Hero in partnership with the WAEM Regional Initiative, MyBiz.AM, and Mississippi State University. Local web guru Clay Hamilton served as both the nuts and bolts presenter and the program’s facilitator.

Main Street executive John McClure challenged the 70 attendees to become Nexus Heros by either starting their own Internet business or helping others do so.

The Nexus Hero Internet Business Workshop for Tomorrow’s Game Changers was the last event to be sponsored by the WAEM Regional Initiative through the Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development Grant (WIRED) funded by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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