7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training


7 Habits of Highly Effective People Training


January 2002 through December 2003


Two grants from The Riley Foundation:

1) $135,000 for January 2002 through March 31, 2003

2) $67,755for April 1, 2003 through December 15, 2003


The purpose of this project was to initiate leadership training in Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first in Meridian, MS, and then throughout our region.


Grant 1):


The funds expended covered costs for four 7 Habits of Highly Effective People retreats at the Silver Star Resort in Philadelphia, one 7 Habits workshop in Meridian, three Evenings with Jerry Aull in Meridian, and three 7 Habits for Citizen Leaders newsletters.

The major goal of this project was to seed the Covey 7 Habits principles among leaders throughout the community. We have included participants from businesses, schools and colleges, non-profits, and other sectors of the community. A part of this goal was for 7 Habits training to catch on in the community. To date, Leadership Lauderdale Youth, Lamar School, and The Montgomery Institute have embraced 7 Habits, holding their own workshops outside the auspices of this grant. Further, Neshoba County initiated a youth program that copies ours and is starting an adult 7 Habits program. We appear to be on target with our goal of planting seeds of interest.


Grant 2):


The funds expended covered costs for three 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshops with dinners at Weidmann’s, three “Evening with Jerry Aull” receptions, one 7 Habits for Citizen Leaders newsletter, development of the non-profit directory, and the first annual Volunteer Fair and Symposium. Also, scholarships were provided for 13 participants for a cost of $4,100.

Financial arrangements made to continue the work started by this project consist of finding additional funds to offer additional programs. In addition to the Jerry Aull programs offered through this grant, we have obtained funding to offer 7 Habits to three MCC classes, two Leadership Lauderdale classes, one East Central Community College class, two Educational Policy Fellowship Program classes, Funds have been obtained to offer classes in Clarke County and Kemper County during 2004. Additionally, we have started and obtained funds for 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens programs in Lauderdale and Neshoba Counties, with Kemper County starting in 2004.


Representative Comments from 7 Habits Classes

Thank you for providing this program! Jerry was awesome!

This course is wonderful! It was very effective; I’m taking a closer look at ME! This course is what I call a secular Bible. I’m sure I could find scriptures for many of the quotes and HABITS! I’m so glad I had an opportunity to attend the 7 Habits Workshop. This class was also therapeutic. I’m sure many people would agree. Mr. Aull was so personal. I now he has years of experience, but how on earth is he able to know all of us in such a short time? Thanks also for the Time Management System! I look forward to putting my system in place! I’m a better person for attending! Thank You!

I expressed personal feelings that I felt extremely comfortable about sharing because of the personal touch of the presenter. This workshop is second to none. Rev. Bill Harper

Jerry Aull is a very talented and gifted leader. We had a richer learning environment mainly because of his leadership and teaching skills. Outstanding course. Thanks Beverly for having everything ready to go and organized.

Absolutely terrific presenter!

The schedule was fast-paced, but presented so that we didn’t feel rushed from topic to topic. Jerry kept tone enjoyable and has a wonderful sense of humor—best facilitator I’ve had the opportunity to experience.

Very impressed. Enjoyed. Learned and found more effective ways and how to make a better example for followers. Thanks for all the time and energy put into this course. Margie McWhirter

I am a better person and a more effective leader for this program. I would very much like to either have this program presented to my company, and/or be trained (or have someone in the company trained) to present to the company and for new employee orientation. Well Done! Susan Morris

The Seven Habits Workshop rekindles the ideals and practical life application you know are but somehow are not able to make them “work” effectively. It is a work for the mature, it is a workshop for the hungry, it is the workshop for those who’ve lost their desire to motivate and be motivated. Finally it was the workshop for me. – Gary Houston

The workshop has made me think! I believe that I will be able to alter certain aspects of my work. I believe the agency will be able to develop programming in to the future as a result of my participation in the workshop. Henry Daum

I wish everyone in Lauderdale could experience this workshop. I believe teenagers could benefit immensely from this type of workshop also. Jerry has a wonderful sense of humor. Sharon Romano

Jerry is an excellent motivator and speaker. Kept the class active and energized. This is a great class for everyone wanting to see the community grow and for personal growth. Debbie Martin

I have never been as challenged to examine myself, my talents and how I can more effectively live my life and develop more meaningful relationships. Maureen Lofton

Awesome! Renee Davis

After 25 plus years of workshop participation, I think Jerry Aull is the best facilitator I’ve ever seen. He is so good at getting the information across by leading participants in a process. His love of what he does is evident, informed by his love of people.

I thought Jerry was very funny…a Steve Martin clone. The wheels kind of feel off the last day. Presentation was disjointed. Skipped around too much and instructions were unclear. Networking with other community leaders was invaluable.

Excellent content presented very well. Jerry has the ability to communicate and relate real experiences to habits. Very impressive.

I would highly recommend this workshop to others. It is a great tool for everyday life and businesses.

Thank you for a great experience. Carl White

Excellent and very helpful!

The workshop was great—but short! I came for a shot of adrenaline and I got it—it helped me to reflect to evaluate where I am and where I need to go! Thank You.

Presenter and program does a good job of making you think about your own circumstances and situations. Helps you to think about how you can improve yourself.

These three days have been enriching and enlightening. I’m the director of a new ministry and I know the Seven Habits will help me relate to my volunteers in a different matter. My vision has become alive.




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